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Eden, Avalon and the Holy Grail

At this potent age of change on our planet, as the frequency of earth increases, the Grail is reaching out to us, to provide illumination, wisdom and next level healing for those that are ready. 

What many people don’t know is that the Holy Grail was originally connected to the Garden of Eden. Like the Grail, Eden IS real. It’s not just a story from the Bible, but a place of abundance, fertility, and divine truth. The Grail leads us back to Eden. 

THIS is what we’re ultimately seeking. 

If you’re looking to find your path to the Holy Grail, I invite you to experience Eden, Avalon and the Holy Grail, a special event I put together with 10 Spiritual Teachers and Wayshowers to help you on your quest! 

The Grail legends and the mysteries of Eden are waiting for you! 

The Grail only reveals itself to those who are ready. 

The Holy Grail is the ultimate mystery. 

The legend of the Grail ripples throughout the ages, inspiring seekers young and old alike. We’ve all heard stories of those who sought and failed to claim the Grail. Many see it as unattainable, perpetually out of reach, which has led people to believe that the Grail is mere myth. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

The quest for the Grail represents alchemy of the spirit, the shaping of the soul. The more you search, the more you come into nobility of purpose and purity of heart, because the search for the Grail is really the path of awakening. It’s a spiritual journey. Which is why people focused only on external rewards never find it!

  • Move beyond fear with the Morrigan and the Cailleach Witch
  • Connect with the Ocean Goddess Yemoja
  • Call in your dynamic power with Sekhmet
  • Do Inner Child work with Dragons and Unicorns
  • Experience Playfulness and Sensuality with Bast
  • Activate the Wild Goddess within with Artemis and Rhiannon
  • Hear channeled wisdom from a Collective of Sirians
  • Do deep soul work with your Ancestors 
  • Learn the art of Penetrating your Desires for Sacred Manifestation
  • Learn about the power of connecting with your Future Self to create your fearless reality

Fearless isn’t just a word. Fearless is a frequency, a vibration, a state that you can tap into at will. And once you do, your destiny lines up, just like stars lining up in the sky.

Take your leap into fearlessness! Click here to learn more! 

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Joseph Campbell once said:  “The cave you most fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

What is that treasure for you? And what if there was a way to get that treasure, to enter that cave, free of fear? I’ll tell you a secret – there is!  From the beginning of time human beings have looked to powers beyond mortal eyes, to the stars, and to legendary Gods and Goddesses, for guidance, inspiration, power and strength. 

Most people today regard them as myth, but these great beings have NEVER been gone. And they alone can teach us how to become truly FEARLESS! Go beyond “feeling the fear and doing it anyway!” 

Connect with mythic goddesses and power house animals to unleash your primal power. And step into a reality where you’ve transcended all fear. 

A Magical Storytelling Event



  • Learn new magical truths about Fairy Tales 
  • Learn about an ancient agreement called the Faery Accord
  • Hear Irish Fairy stories and legends 
  • Learn about the role of Hair in Fairy Tales and Literature 
  • Become Enchanted once again with life!
  • Learn more about Elves and Dragons! They’re real and they want to communicate with you! 
  • Hear channeled messages from the Fae!
  • Learn how we can use our Fairy Connection to Be Better Earth Citizens
  • Learn about the importance of honoring devas and nature spirits 
  • And of course, have an experience of real MAGIC!


But how much is true and how much is “make believe?”

If we went back in time a few hundred years, believing in fairies and dragons would have been the most natural thing in the world. They were woven into the culture, part of daily life, their presence was undeniable. 

The truth is that fairies hold a special legacy and longstanding connection to humanity. Wouldn’t you like to learn the real story? 

The truth behind the myths and legends? 

And if you knew, how would it change your life?

What if the transformation you were seeking lay buried in this hidden knowledge? 

As we move into this new age, the fae want to make their presence known again. They are here to connect with us, to guide us, to teach us, to help us believe. It’s time to turn to them for empowerment, illumination, and transformation. 

We must come back into alignment with these magnificent beings. 

Join me and six other Fairy Experts, Master Storytellers, and Spiritual Teachers, for an extraordinary combination, Magical Storytelling: Fairies and Fairy Tales.

It’s time to celebrate the magic that stories bring to our lives. 

We’ve been hearing stories about them since the dawn of time.

Fairies. Dragons. Elves. 

magical storytelling

Magical Storytelling:
Fairies and Fairy Tales

It’s when the first warm ray of light breaks through the horizon, melting the snow, to spark a new beginning. It’s a day that celebrates Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Healing, and the Hearth. Brigid is also lovingly known by creatives as the Goddess of the Bards, she who tends the sacred flame of inspiration. 

While many will be lighting a candle to herald in the beginning of spring (because Brigid is all about FIRE) it’s also a day to tell stories, to celebrate the written word, to revel in poetry and song.

Because stories are pure magic.

They’re medicine for the soul.

It’s a time to honor the light that stories bring to our lives.

This Imbolc let’s gather for a day of storytelling, music, poetry and magical tales! Let’s join together to celebrate the Goddess Brigid, fiery goddess of inspiration and sacred creativity. 

We’ll delve deeply into the magic of storytelling! You’ll also learn more about the Goddess Brigid and ways you can connect with her on this auspicious day!

magical storytelling


A Celebration of Imbolc

Unleash the Storyteller within, Dare to Write, Connect with Divine Inspiration to get into a state of magical, creative flow!

During this virtual retreat, you'll:
● Immerse yourself in the land of story!
● Learn to connect with your unique soul voice so you can write from the deepest part of your being!
● Discover how the Bards channeled inspiration from the heart of the divine and how you can too!
● Learn about the Irish tradition of the Seanachaí Storytellers
● Receive powerful transmissions from Master Teachers, Storytellers, Bards, Priestesses, and Writers.

This is a place to drink from the well of inspiration and connect to the magic of Storytelling! Here, you’ll learn secrets of creativity from Writers, Priestesses, Manifestation Mavens and Celtic Bards.

The bards were storytellers intimately connected to the mysteries of life, who channeled inspiration from the heart of the divine. This deeper connection to spirit has been lost to many writers and storytellers in today’s world — it’s simply not taught in traditional settings and is very needed on our planet at this time!

So, open up to the magic within and light up the world with your love of stories.
This event is over, but the interviews are now available for purchase!  

Connect to Divine Wisdom and Magic to Ignite your Power as Bard, Mystic and Storyteller

Magical Storytelling

Ashton Rae Wild of Olympia, WA USA  

"Through Elizabeth’s incredible gifts of guidance, teaching, and editing; my life has been forever changed. Before working with Elizabeth, I had extreme difficulty ‘finding my words’; both verbal and written. Now, with her phenomenally intuitive assistance, I have published my website, uploaded my 1st meditation video, and written several poems that I will someday publish as an anthology. For me to allow such beautiful poetry to flow through my fingertips has been so freeing and healing to my soul. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth and her magical ways with words.”

"my life has been forever changed"

LU, author of Tortured to Triumph

"Elizabeth is quite the taskmaster.... but in a good way. This was my first time writing a book, and the subject matter was not easy since it dealt with childhood trauma, Complex PTSD, and my spiritual journey along the way. But Elizabeth's understanding and compassion was exceptional. It meant a lot more work for me, but it was worth it. Thanks to her I now have a published book that has already helped hundreds of people and it's been out less than a month. I will be returning to her for my next book. I am honored to know Elizabeth and grateful I had the privilege to work with her."

"my life has been forever changed"

Karen Craig Eddy

"I would urge any writer who struggles with writer’s block or needs encouragement and support to take Elizabeth’s Writing with the Goddesses workshop. I’m sure all writers have experienced those rare occasions when the words just flowed through, as if the story were writing itself. Elizabeth’s Writing with the Goddesses workshop helps to facilitate this same experience, with her invocations, imaginative visualizations and meditations. The writer’s prompts that Elizabeth provides are thoughtfully created for the individual participants. She is a caring and kind mentor. Writing with the Goddesses inspired me to relax into my writing and enjoy the process."

"inspired me to enjoy the process"

Leona Hass

"Writing with the Goddesses is an incredibly powerful program. During my time with Lizzie and the Goddesses, I found myself going deeper and gaining greater clarity on what I am to bring forward. Within this sacred space, I learned to trust my intuition and to bring forward what was speaking to me during each writing session. The mixture of the meditation with freewriting allowed me to ground and center before wandering off into my creative realm. My time spent in the Writing with the Goddesses program was inspirational and transformational."

"an incredibly powerful program"

Stephanie Ambarsumyan

“Going with Elizabeth was a no brainer. She is thorough and really went line by line (through a 1,000 page manuscript -- mind you) to make my writing shine. She is insanely creative and helpful at getting through writers blocks. Elizabeth took my writing to heart and got deeply interested in my characters, their conflicts, and their points of view. I never had to feel shy or awkward in telling her my ideas. I will continue to choose her again and again anytime that I need editing. She's everything that you could hope for in an editor!”

"my writing shines"

kind words



A couple months ago, my friend Michael Trotta asked me to be a Guest on his podcast Story Mischief. He said I could talk about any story I wanted! 

I chose Robin Hood. 

Not because he steals from the rich to give to the poor, but because of what he stands for. He’s a leader who stands in the way of corrupt authority whenever injustice is present. 

In this interview, I go in depth into why I think this story is SO important for us in today’s world and why the legend of Robin Hood is one we need to pay attention to now more than ever before.

Robin Hood is a story about the triumph of the human soul over adversity, choosing courage in the face of hardship. 

february 2022

In this interview, I go in depth into why the story of robin hood is SO important

guest speaker on story mischief

listen to us talk Robin Hood!



There once was a little firefly who became lost in the woods when his tail no longer lit up at night. But then he met a fairy with purple hair who promised to take him on the adventure of a lifetime. Together they journeyed to the Enchanted Kingdom of the Fairy Queen, in the hope she would have just enough magic to restore light to his broken tail.

The Fairy and the Firefly


Allison Stoner, January 2021

"I was sent this book right before the birth of my daughter. I cannot wait to read it to her! The Fairy and the Firefly is enchanting and magical. The story highlights friendship, kindness, and adventure. The illustrations are beautiful. The story highlights an unlikely friendship between a fairy and a firefly who has lost his light journey together to meet the Fairy Queen who may be able to restore light and help the firefly find their way in the dark. It was happy and uplifting to read and made me smile. Highly recommend, especially if you like fairies!"

"Beautiful book!"

Tamara Sloper, april 2021

"The Fairy & the Firefly is a MUST HAVE in your children's library. The message to always show kindness is skillfully woven into an adventure-filled tale. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, while allowing the imagination to build upon the colorful scenes. This book will delight your kids (or grandkids!)"

"FANTASTIC Book with a Beautiful Lesson For Kids"

Richard Weems, april 2021

"In this joyous tale from Elizabeth Dylan Bercovici, we see kindness in full effect. A fairy of the forest finds a firefly trapped in a spider’s web. Upon freeing the firefly, the fairy finds out that the firefly’s tail does not light. Thus, they join together in an adventure to visit the Fairy Queen to restore the firefly’s gift. The true adventure of this book is the way Bercovici maintains a spirited tone of kindness throughout the book. This spirit never lags or falls into unconscious jabs. To the end, we are treated to a wonderful embracing of the world. Coupled with soft, luxurious art by Naoko Matsunaga, The Fairy and the Firefly is a book you’ll want to read again and again, whether with children or to sate the wonder within you."

"A joyous book full of true kindness"

vinit, January 2021

"A heart warming story with beautiful illustrations!! We gifted this book to our niece for her birthday and she loves it- We highly recommend this book!"

" Highly recommend!"

Louis M Galie, January 2021

"I purchased two copies as Christmas gifts for the little ones in my family, and they were a hit! They loved having the story read to them wile looking at the vibrant illustrations. Highly recommend."

"Great story, beautiful illustrations"

anonymous, december 2020

"This book is so sweet and has such a great message! Plus the illustrations are beautiful and vibrantly colored. Highly recommend!"

"Wonderful book!"

Jona H, december 2020

"This was a wonderful read with beautiful illustrations! My children loved it! I would highly recommend it!"


nn, february 2021

"This was a great book- a good into to chapter books for kids and a fantastical tale to dive into with beautiful illustrations! I loved the relationships between the characters and the sense of whimsy!"

"Beautiful tale and good intro to chapter books!"

kind words

This book creates a blueprint for powerful and individualized transformation. Combining knowledge of Chinese Herbs, Energy Medicine and Healing Arts from different cultures; The Energetic Apothecary is a handbook for anyone ready to supercharge their reality, live from a more heart centered place and connect with the source of all that is for brand new levels of energy and healing! These plants are Mother Earth’s way of nourishing you and restoring balance. Many of these herbs are legendary and for good reason — they CAN change your life and your entire energy system.

The Energetic Apothecary

check out my book on



Then, spend some time with Saraswati — Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Creative Expression, Music and Language. 

Work with Sacred Mantras to invoke Saraswati’s timeless eloquence, motivation and flow for all creative projects. This meditation also connects us with goddesses Aphrodite and Lalita. 

meditation two

First, be bathed in the energies of creation itself and receive a blessing from the Goddess Brigid. 
Work with Awen, the symbol and mantra of the Bards and build your creative frequencies.

Meditation One

Lastly, enjoy a Writer’s Invocation for Daily Creativity.
We work once again with Awen, and call in many different Ascended Master Beings for creative assistance, such as Taliesin, Brigid, Sekmet, among others! 
We also activate your I AM presence so you can fully embody your magnificence!

meditation three

3 Sacred Meditations to help you:
Completely transform your creative practice
Strengthen your relationship with powerful, mythic Goddesses
Learn to work with ancient Bardic Practices

mythical goddess meditations

Mythic Goddess Meditations