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Sacred time to focus on your Creative Dreams. Let’s go deep just you and me so you can see your dream manifest in the world!

1:1 Journeys 

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Go on an inspiring Guided Meditation and then enjoy special time to write and create! 

Writing Circles

These courses are a deep dive into Celtic magic and creativity of the soul. Each class contains sacred lore, wisdom teachings and Guided Journeys into the heart of mystery. 

Self Guided Courses

Self Guided



Arthur was a legendary king, but there is more to this myth than meets the eye. 

Arthurian Myth

arthurian Myth & magic

 Throughout the course you’ll learn not just the history of Arthur, but the way these myths connect to other times and places, as well as significant people in history, including David, Solomon, Christ, and the Magdalene. 

I’ve personally traveled through Cornwall, Glastonbury, as well as the Holy Land of Jerusalem, and walked in the footsteps of many of these people. I am eager to share my journey with you, to deepen your experience of these stories. 

During Arthurian Myth and Magic you’ll also create your own Round Table, where you’ll be able to invite Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin into sacred space to serve as Mentors! 

You’ll also learn the original story of Arthur and Guinevere, including their connection to the Faery Realm! Arthur’s destiny was to bring peace and unity to the people of Britain. Throughout time many have heard the call of Arthur and found themselves drawn to these legends. 

Let these stories inspire and transform you. 

Arthur was a legendary king, but there is more to this myth than meets the eye. 

Awakening Awen

Awakening Awen: the Way of the Bard

A brand NEW course on Bardic Storytelling in collaboration with Avalon Academy. 
You might be wondering, what is Bardic Storytelling? 
And for that matter – what is a Bard?
The Bards were Celtic Storytellers intimately connected to the mysteries of life, storytellers who channeled their inspiration from the heart of the divine. They were also the wisdom keepers, who brought legends from one generation to the next.
People used to gather far and wide to hear their favorite tales, told with great passion by a Master Bard who possessed just enough magic to enchant their audience! 
You see, a Bard wasn’t an ordinary storyteller! 
They devoted themselves to the magic of Awen, the ancient Welsh word for Divine Inspiration. 
When you open to Awen, you become a channel for divine wisdom and a vessel for inspiration on earth. A true Word Shaman. 

From the beginning of time, stories have brought people together, reminding them of what is truly sacred. It’s time to step into that great tradition! 
Join me for Awakening Awen: The Way of the Bard! 
This isn't just any old storytelling course, this is the WISDOM of AGES.
The path to true creativity of the heart and soul.
Whether you're a writer, musician, actor, or artist, learning to connect with Divine Inspiration WILL change your life. 

1:1 journeys


1:1 Journey $599



Stories are the templates from which we live... but what if they were more than that? What if Story was a destination? What if the Land of Story was a place like the Land of Faery or the Land of Dreams? A place you could be guided to if you had the right person to take you...

For years I have felt that stories are not mere things, nor are they just beautiful workings of the imagination. I believe Story is a place where anything is possible. A place we can go to be healed, ignited, blessed or saved -- a place where we can learn to be the magic we truly are.

The Land of Story is a place you’ve always known -- one which exists in the heart and yet it’s all around you… as tiny as a pin prick on your finger, as infinite as space itself. 

All of the greatest writers and storytellers have found themselves in this place. For Rowling it was the Wizarding World, for P.L. Travers it was an Enchanted London and the world of Mary Poppins. 

The landscapes that make up the Land of Story are endless so it’s easy to get lost. If you’d like a proper guide to the Land of Story, I’m about to embark on an adventure there myself! 

Join me!

Find out what messages are waiting for you there. What characters are waiting to be born. What stories are waiting to be told!

And don’t forget about the Magic!

… Definitely don’t forget about the magic!

The Journey is yours to take, are you ready?

What you get:
*3 two hour Sessions with Guided Meditations to the Land of Story
* Time and space to write
* Loving Feedback
* A deep dive into your imagination! 

Stories are all around us -- we hear them when we talk to friends, when we turn on the television, when we open up a darling novel. They live and breathe through us. 

journey to the land of story

journey to the land of story

1:1 journey
Become a pure channel and write from your soul!

writer as goddess

writer as goddess

Journey with Brigid, Saraswati and Ceridwen. These three powerhouse Goddesses INVITE you to a deep exploration of your creative strengths! They call you to step into YOUR power!

In The Writer as Goddess you will work deeply with these 3 goddesses over 6 weeks to come more deeply into your CREATIVE POWER!

Join this program if you’re looking for:
  • Time and space to write and create as the Goddess you are!
  • Ways to Unlock your Creativity
  • Fun, magical writing exercises to expand your creative capacity and move past limitations! 
  • Goddess Tales & Education
  • Embodiment Exercises to fully claim the Goddess within, an important part of coming into your Creative Power

There will also be Guided Meditations and writing exercises to help people connect with their own Inner Goddess and clear blocks to their Creativity. 

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1:1 Writing Circle: $629 or get on the Waitlist for the next group! 



In Our Writing Circle you’ll experience:

  • Time each week to write!
  • Magical writing exercises to shift your frequency! 
  • Guided Fairy Tale Meditations
  • Creative Accountability
  • Profound Inner transformation
  • Ways to unlock your Creativity
  • More confidence in yourself as a Writer & Storyteller! 

Each week includes:

*1 60 minute Writing Session where I’ll take you on a powerful guided journey, and then give you uninterrupted time to write and create whatever your heart desires! I’ll also have prompts for those who need them!

Click here to see what our last writing Circle was like and here to sign up for the Wait List to be part of the next one! 

1:1 Writing Circles are also available for those who would like a more intimate experience and deeper dive into their writing. 

Magical Storytelling loves to offer seasonal Writing Circles!
In the past we’ve done Writing with the Goddesses and a Fairy Tale Writing Circle! 

writing circles

writing circles

Ashton Rae Wild of Olympia, WA USA  

"Through Elizabeth’s incredible gifts of guidance, teaching, and editing; my life has been forever changed. Before working with Elizabeth, I had extreme difficulty ‘finding my words’; both verbal and written. Now, with her phenomenally intuitive assistance, I have published my website, uploaded my 1st meditation video, and written several poems that I will someday publish as an anthology. For me to allow such beautiful poetry to flow through my fingertips has been so freeing and healing to my soul. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth and her magical ways with words.”

"my life has been forever changed"

LU, author of Tortured to Triumph

"Elizabeth is quite the taskmaster.... but in a good way. This was my first time writing a book, and the subject matter was not easy since it dealt with childhood trauma, Complex PTSD, and my spiritual journey along the way. But Elizabeth's understanding and compassion was exceptional. It meant a lot more work for me, but it was worth it. Thanks to her I now have a published book that has already helped hundreds of people and it's been out less than a month. I will be returning to her for my next book. I am honored to know Elizabeth and grateful I had the privilege to work with her."

"my life has been forever changed"

Karen Craig Eddy

"I would urge any writer who struggles with writer’s block or needs encouragement and support to take Elizabeth’s Writing with the Goddesses workshop. I’m sure all writers have experienced those rare occasions when the words just flowed through, as if the story were writing itself. Elizabeth’s Writing with the Goddesses workshop helps to facilitate this same experience, with her invocations, imaginative visualizations and meditations. The writer’s prompts that Elizabeth provides are thoughtfully created for the individual participants. She is a caring and kind mentor. Writing with the Goddesses inspired me to relax into my writing and enjoy the process."

"inspired me to enjoy the process"

Leona Hass

"Writing with the Goddesses is an incredibly powerful program. During my time with Lizzie and the Goddesses, I found myself going deeper and gaining greater clarity on what I am to bring forward. Within this sacred space, I learned to trust my intuition and to bring forward what was speaking to me during each writing session. The mixture of the meditation with freewriting allowed me to ground and center before wandering off into my creative realm. My time spent in the Writing with the Goddesses program was inspirational and transformational."

"an incredibly powerful program"

Stephanie Ambarsumyan

“Going with Elizabeth was a no brainer. She is thorough and really went line by line (through a 1,000 page manuscript -- mind you) to make my writing shine. She is insanely creative and helpful at getting through writers blocks. Elizabeth took my writing to heart and got deeply interested in my characters, their conflicts, and their points of view. I never had to feel shy or awkward in telling her my ideas. I will continue to choose her again and again anytime that I need editing. She's everything that you could hope for in an editor!”

"my writing shines"

kind words