Giving you the Creative Guidance your soul has been searching for, so you can touch people with your words, move them with your story, and come into the sacred power of your unique voice.  

Helps Writers, Speakers & Storytellers catalyze their creativity so they can tell extraordinary stories which change the world


I’m here to bring joy back to your creative process! You know that feeling when you get so swept up in a book you can’t put it down? Or when you’re writing and it’s the best thing in the world? That’s what I want to bring to your life — ecstatic creativity and deep connection to your power as a Storyteller. Let’s work together to release your creative blocks and transform your writing so you can finally tell that great story!

I am a Writer, Bard, Story Mentor, Priestess and Imagination Activator. 

i'm Elizabeth


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All our events celebrate the magic of Storytelling! These include Workshops, Summits and Day Long Retreats to activate the Storyteller in you. Receive sacred creative education and fill your creative well!



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Let’s get to the heart of your story! Whether you’re looking for Creative Coaching or Story Mentoring, I’m here to help you leap over creative blocks, find your words, and take your story to the NEXT level! Breakthrough old barriers to success and reach extraordinary new heights in Writing, Speaking and Storytelling!

sacred Creative Initiation and Story Mentoring to bring new magical stories into the world


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Which adventure calls to you? Is it the Goddess Path? Is it a Journey to the Land of Story? Maybe you’re more interested in Robin Hood or Captain Hook? It doesn’t matter which path you take, because the ultimate journey is the same! If your dream is to unleash that Inner Storyteller, get inspired and go within, you’ve come to the right place!

Everyone has a story to tell! It’s time to take the first step


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Ashton Rae Wild of Olympia, WA USA  

"Through Elizabeth’s incredible gifts of guidance, teaching, and editing; my life has been forever changed. Before working with Elizabeth, I had extreme difficulty ‘finding my words’; both verbal and written. Now, with her phenomenally intuitive assistance, I have published my website, uploaded my 1st meditation video, and written several poems that I will someday publish as an anthology. For me to allow such beautiful poetry to flow through my fingertips has been so freeing and healing to my soul. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth and her magical ways with words.”

"my life has been forever changed"

LU, author of Tortured to Triumph

"Elizabeth is quite the taskmaster.... but in a good way. This was my first time writing a book, and the subject matter was not easy since it dealt with childhood trauma, Complex PTSD, and my spiritual journey along the way. But Elizabeth's understanding and compassion was exceptional. It meant a lot more work for me, but it was worth it. Thanks to her I now have a published book that has already helped hundreds of people and it's been out less than a month. I will be returning to her for my next book. I am honored to know Elizabeth and grateful I had the privilege to work with her."

"my life has been forever changed"

Karen Craig Eddy

"I would urge any writer who struggles with writer’s block or needs encouragement and support to take Elizabeth’s Writing with the Goddesses workshop. I’m sure all writers have experienced those rare occasions when the words just flowed through, as if the story were writing itself. Elizabeth’s Writing with the Goddesses workshop helps to facilitate this same experience, with her invocations, imaginative visualizations and meditations. The writer’s prompts that Elizabeth provides are thoughtfully created for the individual participants. She is a caring and kind mentor. Writing with the Goddesses inspired me to relax into my writing and enjoy the process."

"inspired me to enjoy the process"

Leona Hass

"Writing with the Goddesses is an incredibly powerful program. During my time with Lizzie and the Goddesses, I found myself going deeper and gaining greater clarity on what I am to bring forward. Within this sacred space, I learned to trust my intuition and to bring forward what was speaking to me during each writing session. The mixture of the meditation with freewriting allowed me to ground and center before wandering off into my creative realm. My time spent in the Writing with the Goddesses program was inspirational and transformational."

"an incredibly powerful program"

Stephanie Ambarsumyan

“Going with Elizabeth was a no brainer. She is thorough and really went line by line (through a 1,000 page manuscript -- mind you) to make my writing shine. She is insanely creative and helpful at getting through writers blocks. Elizabeth took my writing to heart and got deeply interested in my characters, their conflicts, and their points of view. I never had to feel shy or awkward in telling her my ideas. I will continue to choose her again and again anytime that I need editing. She's everything that you could hope for in an editor!”

"my writing shines"

kind words

Your medicine. Your magic. The thing that nobody tells you, is that your words matter — your thoughts and ideas, your stories, have the power to change the world. It’s why you came here. 

So tell the story that only you can tell! Because your story is a living, breathing, beacon of light, and an instrument of change, and the world is waiting! 

If you’ve struggled to see your vision come to life, if you need support around those big dreams, if you need someone to hold your hand through the hard parts, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m here to help turn your dreams into a reality, to help you move through creative blocks and become the Magical Creator you were born to be. What you need is someone who can hold your vision, who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt – that your story matters.

But the world needs your stories. 

You’re meant to tell stories that change the world. It’s not always easy. 

 This is a short meditation you can do again and again, for breakthroughs in Storytelling either for your art or your business.

an epic quest to MEET your Inner Storyteller!

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Ep. 02

In 2023, our theme is Magical Stories From Around the World. Every month in 2023, celebrate the human experience by listening to stories from all over the world! Special guests on Stories of Light will share wisdom, sacred teachings, personal stories, magical activations, and of course – some pretty epic legends!

Be brought into the great magic of stories and remember how deeply connected you are to everyone on the planet!

Be brought into the great magic of stories and remember how deeply connected you are to everyone on the planet!

Stories of Light is a place for myth, magic, and inspiring personal stories in order to raise the vibration of the planet!

stories of light with elizabeth Dylan Bercovici

stories of light

Are you ready to say YES to your calling, YES to your writing and YES to your soul!

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