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3 sacred meditations

3 Sacred Meditations to help you

Completely transform your creative practice

Strengthen your relationship with powerful, mythic Goddesses

Learn to work with ancient Bardic Practices

Lastly, enjoy a Writer’s Invocation for Daily Creativity.
We work once again with Awen, and call in many different Ascended Master Beings for creative assistance, such as Taliesin, Brigid, Sekmet, among others! 
We also activate your I AM presence so you can fully embody your magnificence!

meditation three

meditation three

Then spend some time with Saraswati – Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Creative Expression, Music and Language 

Work with Sacred Mantras to invoke Saraswati’s timeless eloquence, motivation and flow for creative projects. This meditation also connects us with the Goddesses Aphrodite and Lalita Sundari. 

meditation two

meditation two

 First, be bathed in the energies of creation itself and receive a blessing from the Goddess Brigid. 
Work with Awen, the symbol and mantra of the Bards and build your creative frequencies. 

meditation one

meditation one

I use these techniques whenever I sit down to write — I used them to channel a Children’s Book I wrote in three days! They were created through a lifetime of reaching for ways to connect with divine creativity. 

These mediations work with Brigid, goddess of the Bards, Saraswati the Hindu Goddess of eloquence and language, and I also have a daily invocation for Creative Work which brings in a whole host of divine beings including the Master Bard Taliesin. 

These are my PERSONAL creative practices, my SECRETS to creative success, which I use all the time, and are worth more to me than gold. 

So how do you get there?

You learn to connect in with your higher self and the benevolent forces of the universe that are all around you.

The truth is that you are a divine being capable of unlimited creation, but you need to be plugged into the right channels. When you plug into the right channels consistently, inspiration flows like water from a tap. 

You have a big creative dream, something which Spirit has placed in your heart, but when you sit down to write or create it -- it’s too hard? 

You come up blank. 

Or it seems like too much.

Does this sound like you...

You'll also...
• Increase your eloquence!!
• Improve Writing, Speaking, and Creativity
• Learn to channel divine inspiration
• Work with mantras that amplify your creative power
• Fully ignite your power as a Creator

These 3 Sacred Meditations will help you to

3 sacred meditations
• Completely transform your creative practice
• Strengthen your relationship with powerful, mythic Goddesses
• Learn to work with ancient Bardic Practices

Say YES to your Dreams and Stand in your magic! 

Your creations are asking to be born into the world. You already ARE everything you need to be to step into your magnificence -- you just need to tap into your innate power. These sacred practices are the missing link to infinite sources of creativity, wonder, magic, and inspiration. 

I know this will be a game changer for those of you who have a big creative dream.

Or those of you who need to be in the spotlight and speak in front of people. These meditations are powerful portals for eloquence and strong command of voice.