My dear friend, Eimear Stassin, received a vision during a witches past life regression healing last November.  In this vision, she was deep in an emerald green forest surrounded by tree giants of all varieties. Within this magical forest was a circular clearing, and in that clearing, was a table which was shiny and round! […]

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Lore, Enchantment and the Magic of Merlin

February 19, 2023

I am thrilled to announce a brand NEW course on Bardic Storytelling which I’ll be teaching with Avalon Academy!  Some of you may be wondering, what is Bardic Storytelling? And for that matter — what is a Bard? The Bards were Celtic Storytellers intimately connected to the mysteries of life, storytellers who channeled their inspiration from […]

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Awakening Awen

February 10, 2023

I hope you’re looking forward to all the magic of 2023! I know I am. This year I feel destiny calling me in a way I’ve never felt before! I want to give you a special preview of some of the things that are coming for Magical Storytelling!  Several years ago, my soul whispered the phrase, […]

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Stories of Light

February 10, 2023