glass slipper

this is your ticket to the ball

elizabeth bercovici

If you’re ready to go all in on your creative vision, you’re in the right place. 

Sometimes Big Dreams require a Fairy Godmother --
 if it worked for Cinderella it can work for you too! 

The Glass Slipper mentorship

I am an expert at bringing projects to life and I can guide you on the journey, so your vision reaches its full potential. It’s time to achieve greater heights than you ever thought possible!

This is a powerful, potent creative container – and you won’t be the same after. 

This is the space for someone who knows they’re here to do and create something BIG! 

No more wondering how you’re going to do it.  No more waiting. 

By the end of our time together, your book, script, or creative project will be DONE! If you’re ready to commit to your project and go all in, I’m here to help you! 

Receive 1:1 Mentorship and my focused attention on a story or creative project that is VERY dear to your heart. 

1:1 Mentorship

1:1 mentorship

gold vip day

investment $333

2.5 hours with me on the project of your choosing.

gold vip day

I offer both VIP days and coaching to help you reach your goals. 

platinum vip day

investment $555

5 Hours with me to go ALL in on your creative project.

platinum vip day

creative coaching

One private coaching session every week for 12 weeks. schedule a Discovery Call to see if Coaching is right for you!

3 months of creative coaching

creative coaching

One private Coaching Session and One Energy Healing Session with me every week, also includes voxer support. schedule a Discovery Call to see if this is right for you!


If you have pages of writing that you’d like me to look at prior to the VIP session let me know, there will be an additional fee depending on page length. 

The energy healing can be done over Zoom or remotely if that's your preference.  This level of support is for people who want to be deeply nourished throughout the creative process. I can guide you through the challenges of writing in our sessions together, but if you want to feel energized and break through blocks to your success, sign up for the All Inclusive Package! Give yourself full 100% permission and ability to succeed. 

I am a Fully Qualified VortexHealing® Practitioner, one of the most powerful Healing modalities on the planet. I combine the passion and experience of someone who has been a Teacher, Coach and Energy Healer and I promise you’ll leave transformed.  

more details on vip days

more details on energy healing

Marissa Byrne 

I showed up to a free writing circle Elizabeth held and I felt the magic - I knew she was the right one to help me birth my story! 

Elizabeth honors me and my process while also balancing out my watery energy when needed with the structure and accountability to keep me on track and the fire to keep me going. She is an incredible teacher of the writing itself and also the bardic priestess path I find myself on. It's very nice to have someone who understands and helps weave magic into my elfae story! 

She is one of those people who brings you back to yourself, empowering you the writer and unlocking what's in you, bringing out the best version of your story! And the process is such a joy. If you feel the call, answer it!!

"I knew elizabeth was the right one to help me birth my story"

Linda McKittrick

Elizabeth is pure magic. For over a year now, I have been working with her weekly, and have gone from being an aspirational writer, to actually Writing My Book! 

Wise beyond her years, she has guided me skillfully through both the practical and energetic realms of writing. Even more importantly, she has helped me learn to weave one with the other. She knows that I do best with positive feedback, yet is not afraid to coax me past my blocks and resistance. 

Elizabeth has helped me feel and hold the frequency of the book itself -- which has helped me to actually write the book! This has been alchemical for me. She’s taught me how to elevate my writing and truly enjoy the writing process, which makes life more beautiful.  

"i have gone from being an aspirational writer, to actually Writing My Book!"

kind words

If this project is in your heart, it’s there for a reason. Finishing it means a brand new chapter, it means abundance, recognition, more visibility and more impact in the world. 

That’s why I call it The Glass Slipper, because it’s one of a kind and meant to fit you!

This is a Magic Wand for the dream that doesn't fit into a box, that there is NO program for.

You are a Magical Creator and your vision, your Story, your Sacred Project, is the seed of genius the world has been looking for.

Believe in the beauty of YOUR dreams

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